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Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Tarot Readings

Energy Healing, Reiki, Biofield Tuning, QHHT, and Past Life Regression

Unique Class Offerings Monthly

Solace Sisters

If you are in search of a spiritual medium to connect with passed loved ones, passed pets, or you are in need of divine psychic guidance, look no further. We go above and beyond to support you in your journey and bring you the love and healing waiting for you.

What We Offer

Tarot Readings

Tarot is a powerful tool to tap into our intuition. We use tarot cards as a bridge, connecting our highest selves in order to provide you the specific guidance you need to answer your questions.

Psychic Medium Readings

In-depth reading, filled with validations and messages from your passed loved ones, and/or psychic guidance.

Animal Services

Allow us to be the bridge between you and your animal companions. Receive validation from passed or living pets, which will bring you greater knowledge and healing.

Energy Healing

Using various healing modalities we will assist you with aligning the mind-body-spirit connection.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a form of hypnotherapy created by Dolores Cannon designed to help people understand and work through the possible root origins of trauma in this life as well as in past lives.  It is an opportunity to connect with higher aspects of yourself, feeling into your soul, allowing for profound and transformative healing. 

Unique Class Offerings

Join us monthly at The Warehouse in downtown Aberdeen for unique classes including soul-led breathwork, intuitive development, Soundbaths, past life regressions, moon ceremonies, meditations and so much more!  Follow us on Instagram @solacesisters4 for more information. 

Who We Are

We are four sisters that come from a family with a strong lineage of spiritual mediumship, psychic abilities, energy healing, and divinely guided intuition. Our ancestors mentored and taught us how to make use of the gifts bestowed on us. Being sisters, we have the advantage of being able to connect our spiritual gifts and call on each other for assistance to provide a more accurate reading for you.

Solace Sisters
Solace Sisters

Why Choose Us

We pour our hearts and souls into every reading we do.  We genuinely care about each and every person we connect with, and we do our best to go above and beyond to bring you comfort and guidance.  When you sit for a reading with Solace Sisters, you become a part of our family. 

Our Location

The Solace Sisters operate out of North Carolina, should you need a personal reading.

Get in Touch With Us

With more than 47 years of combined experience, we will make sure that you will receive accurate and helpful readings. Contact us today for inquiries.