See Our Answers to Your Questions About Our Psychic Services

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Your spirit guides are beings that are showing you the path to your highest and best self. They can be known to you (a past relative or friend), or unknown to you (angels, saints, etc.). You can ask who your spirit guides are, meditate on an answer, or ask the guides to show you. They’re constantly trying to communicate with you and are showing you who they are all the time.

You can send your guides simply by asking them to come to us. Say out loud or in your head, “please go to the sisters and provide them the best information to help me on my path to my highest and best self.” They’ll listen. They’re always listening. And they’re always acting in your best interest.

You can meditate without manifesting and you can manifest without meditating. Manifesting is when you see something for yourself, you picture it in your head and set an intention for whatever that intention is, to happen. Meditating can include breathing techniques, sitting in quiet, guided meditations for specific intentions (i.e., better sleep, confidence, healing, etc – which is also manifesting!), focusing on one thing, grounding yourself into the earth, and generally being present in the now.

Yes. If you are highly emotional about a situation or you’re experiencing anxiety, it can create blocks. If you’re blocked, it can be difficult for us to receive messages from a spirit. We ask that, before any reading, you take a few minutes, center yourself, take several long deep breaths, and ask for help.

Ask your guides to help you be calm and open, to receive messages with an open mind, to allow us to receive messages clearly. You would be shocked to know how much it helps us when our clients do this. It doesn’t have to take very long. Just a few minutes will help tremendously.

We are here to help. We want to make sure you understand the information provided. We will make ourselves available for questions after. In addition, we are working on another listing to assist with the interpretation or to provide additional, more involved, clarity to assist you on your path to your highest and best. Keep on the lookout for that offering!

Your guides are working in the confines of your best interest. If you are asking for information on a specific topic, but tarot or your medium isn’t addressing it, consider the fact that your guides are telling you what you actually need, rather than what you think you need. To get what you want, you may need to do work in a different area.

You may need to overcome a separate hurdle to become happy. It can be difficult to receive advice that you do not want to hear, but nothing worthwhile ever came from something easy. Take in the information and reflect. We routinely find that you may receive a message negatively initially, but after some time reflecting, you realize it was exactly what you needed.

Free will is the one thing no one can take away from you. It is your single, most important gift. You decide, in every situation, what you will do. It cannot be decided for you. Tarot can provide guidance but ultimately, you decide if you’re going to listen. We have had clients come back and tell us that our guidance was wrong and what the cards said for their future didn’t happen.

When we break it down and go through the path taken by the client, we inevitably find that free will took over. The client chose to do it their way. That was the client’s choice, but it doesn’t mean the cards were wrong. You decide – free will.

Mistakes are necessary. Mistakes teach us what not to do. Don’t look at a mistake as a failure, look at it as an opportunity. You learned something and you don’t have to make that mistake again. Next time you get to choose, use what you learned, and exercise free will to do it differently.

There is no right, wrong, good or bad. If you veer off your path to your highest and best, there was a reason for it. There was something for you to learn. We all take the long road from time to time. We all make wrong turns. The goal is to take the shortest path to our highest and best, but we have yet to find anyone that has managed it. We certainly haven’t.

It’s the small things. Look for pennies, feathers, the same bird over and over, a light flickering, something in a place it shouldn’t be, etc. It can be anything, but the trick is for you to believe. Believe whatever you saw, whatever you experienced, was your guide.

Body chills are spirit confirming something or letting you know you’re on the right track. Pay attention to all the little things. Acknowledge and be grateful for the experiences. The more grateful, the more you notice, the more you’ll get. However, guides won’t do things on command and they’re not here for our entertainment. If you’re not seeing them, try to believe first. Don’t ask them to prove anything to you. If you truly believe, they will reveal themselves.