Get to Know Our Experienced Psychic Mediums

We are a family of psychic mediums with a lineage of spiritual gifts stemming back at least six generations. We have shared various types of readings with people all over the world, and we desire nothing more than to share healing and to walk beside others on their personal spiritual journeys.

Kari is a psychic medium and works best through channeling messages. She is a skilled and accomplished tarot reader, an expert at automatic writing, and enjoys dabbling in akashic record retrieval. She is also a reiki level 2 practitioner and crystal aficionado.  Kari loves to share Soundbath and trauma informed meditation and healing circles.  She is also the most responsible of the four of us.

Kellie is a psychic medium specializing in communication with spirit via channeling. She is also a reiki master, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, and a well-practiced tarot reader. She has been working alongside women for nearly 20 years, providing intuitive life guidance, crisis intervention, and emotional support guidance in varying groups.  Kellie leads various classes at our Aberdeen location, sharing intentional moon ceremonies, sound baths, and energy healing modalities. Kellie offers all  of our services at our Matthews, NC office.

Lori is a psychic medium and best communicates with the live exchange of evidential proof of spirit. She has a special knack for connecting with animals, living and departed. Lori is a reiki master practitioner and enjoys the history and practice of tarot, along with leading meditations sound baths, and soul-body integration classes.  She practices at our Aberdeen location.

Trish is a psychic medium and reiki practitioner. She is a clairvoyant and has a special ability to see and read auras along with providing medically intuitive information. She is a natural healer utilizing her own unique form of energy manipulation and healing techniques in her sessions.  Trish also has extensive training and real world experience as a trauma and crisis response professional.

Through our combined efforts, we hope to share our insights, life experiences, and varying gifts so that others may gain a greater connection to their highest selves, find healing, and open their hearts to the divine and cosmic side of existence.



Solace Sisters
Solace Sisters